LISTSERV Interactive Demo

This interactive demo allows you to explore the wide-ranging functionality of LISTSERV and to view the features available for site administrators, list owners and subscribers. Certain functions, which might be used to damage the demonstration, have been disabled. For a live demonstration with a sales representative, please contact us.

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LISTSERV for Site Administrators

LISTSERV's web interface simplifies many site administration tasks. It offers an easy way to create and modify lists, create server activity reports and customize the look and feel of the site to seamlessly blend with your existing web presence.

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LISTSERV for List Owners

LISTSERV's web interface allows you to administer and control your lists from anywhere on the Internet. Virtually all list management functions are now accessible through the interface, making email list management easier than ever.

List Owner Features »

LISTSERV for Subscribers

LISTSERV's web interface offers many features for list subscribers. In addition to searchable message archives, it also offers a Subscriber's Corner for users to automatically subscribe, unsubscribe and manage their subscription settings.

Subscriber Features »

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