Upgrade to LISTSERV 17.0: Your Digital Communication Hub

Welcome to the LISTSERV 17.0 Upgrade Center. Here you'll find all the resources you need to upgrade your on-premises LISTSERV installation to the newest version.

Get the Must-Have Benefits of LISTSERV 17.0

LISTSERV 17.0 launches a new era for mailing lists, providing integrated email list, web and database communication to reach your rapidly growing mobile audiences. Now is the time to put the power and performance of LISTSERV to work for your organization.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Brand new web interface with major usability improvements
  • Responsive HTML newsletter and announcement builder, no coding needed
  • Seamless list archives with new classic, forum and blog views
  • Easy customization of your LISTSERV site and list home pages

Get Ready to Upgrade to LISTSERV 17.0

Please be sure to complete the steps below in order to enjoy a smooth upgrade.

Get Ready

1. Get Ready

Get Set

2. Get Set

  • Get free upgrade recommendations from our support experts
  • Run a test environment if you have extensive customizations
  • Make a backup of your existing installation
  • Contact support for any technical questions

3. Go

  • Start the download and upgrade to LISTSERV 17.0
  • Enjoy the features and benefits of LISTSERV 17.0

Pro Tips

  • Software Tune-Up: Get free upgrade and customization recommendations from L-Soft's support experts

  • Test License: Running a LISTSERV site with extensive customizations? Set up a LISTSERV test environment to ensure smooth operations

Let Us Help You

1. If you need a copy of your license activation key (LAK), or a price quotation for an upgrade LAK, or new LISTSERV or support purchase, our sales team will help you: sales@lsoft.com

2. If you need technical assistance, contact our support team for help: support@lsoft.com

3. L-Soft's consulting team can perform the upgrade on your behalf. Please contact sales for pricing and scheduling. Learn more about the LISTSERV remote installation service:

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