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L-Soft Technical Support

L-Soft Technical Support

L-Soft provides different levels of support adjusted specifically to your needs. Some customers may demand full technical assistance, while a technical veteran may only require help on occasion. Regardless of the required level of support, L-Soft's technical team has an established reputation for providing competent and timely assistance.

L-Soft Technical Support Addresses

(Only for L-Soft customers with maintenance. Please include Customer ID number in email message. This will help us provide faster service.)

Technical Support

Technical Support

Contact Technical Support

Support for our products and services is available on business days from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET (U.S. Eastern Time) except during L-Soft holidays. View a list of L-Soft holidays.

L-Soft User Forums

Customers can also obtain community or peer support via L-Soft's numerous user forums. Since the below lists are open to the public, you should not disclose your LAK, passwords or other sensitive information on these lists.


LISTSERV List Owners' Forum
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LISTSERV Site Adminsistrators' Forum
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LISTSERV Lite Support Forum
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LISTSERV Application Developers' Forum
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EASE Home Support Forum
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L-Soft Software Tune-Up

The L-Soft software tune-up is a complimentary and confidential annual technical review for LISTSERV and LISTSERV Maestro customers with current maintenance. The software tune-up is a great way to be certain that you are using email best practices, the latest version of the software and that all your systems are configured for optimal performance. With an L-Soft software tune-up you can rest assured knowing that your site is in good working order.

Software Tune-Up

Software Tune-Up

Book Your Software Tune-Up

Customers with perpetual LISTSERV Classic (20-list license or higher), LISTSERV HPO or LISTSERV Maestro licenses and current maintenance are eligible for the free, annual software tune-up service. Other customers can sign up for the software tune-up service for a flat fee of $250 (United States and Canada). Please contact us for pricing information in other countries.

Software Tune-Up »

Training and Consulting

Training and Consulting

L-Soft offers comprehensive training and consulting services to improve customers' effective and appropriate use of our products and services. Our customized training services help you achieve your objectives quickly and efficiently by streamlining the learning process and eliminating the frustrating trial and error that often accompanies deployment of enterprise software. Training and consulting services are tailored to meet the needs of your individual organization and to produce measurable business results.

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